Meet Joan

Well, hello there!  I’m Joan and I’m addicted to all things design-related–also food, travel and sometimes fashion.  Oh yeah, I’m a nut for PureBarre, too.

I recently retired from a 28 year career as an engineer and product manager in the semiconductor industry and now I need something to explore my more creative side.  Since retiring I miss the daily interaction with my customers and coworkers so I really hope I can connect with other people who share the same passions.

I live with Chris, my husband of 15 years, our daughter, Chloe who just turned 14, my mother, Martha who is a fashionable 80, and our dog Bunny (aka Bundarious, Bunmaster General, Bundacious BunBun)

Chris and me from a recent trip to Busuanga, Philippines


Chloe at the Taal volcano crater, Tagaytay, Philippines

Martha in Roskilde, Denmark

Bunny Doggie