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Coron Island Tour, Palawan

It’s been about 8 months since we returned from our trip to The Philippines, and almost that long since I’ve blogged.  I guess I’m not really into the whole swing of this blogging thing yet, and have decided I’m going to approach this more as a personal log of things I want to remember as much as anything.

So here goes my trip report….

We left the El Rio Y Mar early in the morning by boat with one other couple.  We really lucked out in having only one other couple on the boat with us, and they were such lovely people as well.  This tour included a trip (first by boat and then by van) to Coron Town where we caught another boat to see the sights, which included Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoons, Siete Pecados Marine Park, and Maquinit Hot Springs.  We finished up with enough time back in Coron Town for a beer and some shopping.


Before we got on the excursion boat, we stopped a the market near the boat docks.  The market had rows and rows of fruits, vegetables and fish.  The couple traveling with us were Filipino and opted to forego the resort packed lunch and bought all kinds of seafood and fruit for the crew to grill.  This is one thing I wish we would have done.  Their food was SO MUCH BETTER than the expensive lunch we ate.

Chloe wasn’t impressed with the market apparently


We got on the boat heading towards Twin Lagoons, and it wasn’t long before Chloe’s hat flew off.  The crew actually turned around and got it for her!  He had to climb out onto those outriggers while we were moving to fish it out.


Ok, back to Twin Lagoons.  I knew we were in for something special as we approached the inlet.


It’s kind of hard to see but the first lagoon starts right where you can barely see all the boats.  It extends to the limestone cliff wall, and has the most beautiful aqua, clear water you’ve ever seen.  There were a few other boats when we arrived, but the crowds quickly thinned.  We bobbed around in the first lagoon for awhile, and the couple we travelled with had a GoPro and took this shot of us.

Back towards the right, you reach the other lagoon one of two ways.  At high tide, you climb this rickety ladder situation that looked super off the books not safe, or you swim under/through this natural tunnel to the other lagoon.  We opted to swim under the thing.  I really wish we would have had a GoPro during this trip because this lagoon was so unique with the limestone cliffs dropping straight into the water, the reefs in the lagoons with all the fish, etc.  I didn’t think to take pictures while we were on the boat here, and this is the only picture I have of the lagoons…..Check out this link to see more pictures of the Twin Lagoons

After the Twin Lagoons, we were scheduled to go to Kayangan Lake.  Google this place–seriously.  It was THE reason I wanted to come to Coron as opposed to El Nido.  Anyway, we learned we would not be going there because someone had died there the day before–free diving,  Apparently this lake is DEEP.  So, we went to Barracuda Lake straight away, and were able to spend more time at this one spot.  Again, the ride to Barracuda Lake was spectacular.


There is a small lagoon with boat docks at the entrance to the lake.  There were quite a few boats when we arrived,   So many that we had to pass through a couple of them in order to reach the dock.

After we passed through the boats, we crossed over a short limestone wall on some old rickety stairs that wound up and then down the other side of the wall.  Here’s Chloe near the dock on the ‘lake’ side of the limestone wall.

Once we crossed over, the lake revealed itself.  It was a spectacular sight, and also super deep.  It gets its name from the fact that they have found very large barracuda fish skeletons here.  It’s partly salt and fresh water, and a very popular dive site and known for its thermoclines.

After a few short minutes, the entire crowd of people left the lake, and we were the only ones there for about a half hour.  We swam to the far edge, then bobbed around here marveling at the beauty as well as how peaceful it was.

After that we went back to the boat where the crew were busy grilling our lunch.

Onto the next stop–Siete Pecados Marine Park where we snorkeled around (literally) one of the islands.

Next we went to Maquinit Hot Springs, which is one of only a few salt water hot springs in the world!  It was cool going there, but I gotta say, it wasn’t my favorite part of the trip.  The spring water was hot, though!

Also here’s me doing another Pure Barre pose….The scenery behind me is good.  I’m standing on this sea wall that was about a 20ft drop to the sea below.

Finally, we arrived back at the dock and drove to Coron Town where Chris had a beer while Chloe and I shopped for some crappy trinkets, as you do.

We also took an Island Hopping Tour during our stay, and that was probably our favorite day of the trip.  Check back in soon, and I’ll load up a whole bunch more photos of Philippine beauty!

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