Craigslist Japanese Screen: What I learned

Well I found the perfect Japanese black lacquer room divider screen on Craigslist last week, and after several rounds of missed contact with the seller, we finally spoke and I quizzed him about the item to get all the relevant details.  Does it have any damage, like, anywhere?  Where are the flaws? Exactly how big is it?

Japanese Screen

You see, the screen was located about 50 miles from my house, to my mind halfway to Palm Springs, for Pete’s sake, and I wasn’t about to drive all the way to the West Valley only to be disappointed.  Plus, I had to sweet talk the Mr to get him to drive out there with me to pick up said screen.  So, after satisfying myself that it had been well cared for and in ‘perfect’ condition, we set out on our adventure. traffic

Here’s what I learned:

  • I-10 even on a Saturday morning is not a nice drive
  • Papa’s (the Mr.) gotta eat and pee a lot.  Papa learned Mama don’t like to stop
  • I have somewhat of a short temper when I’m anxious
  • People have differing ideas about what ‘perfect’ means
  • You can be a bug man in the Airforce for 30 years, and be stationed in places like Japan, Germany, Montana–lots of great places.
  • If you’re a retired Airforce you need to live within 25 miles of a base to keep your free (I think this is what he said) healthcare.
  • A person can fit a shit ton of furniture in a 10×10 room, and still (kind of) walk around.  I was invited to see the lady’s Asian Room.  Holy cow, it did not disappoint.  It was truly a marvel of Japanese and Chinese furniture complete with plastic seat covers, pedestals, wall hangings, lamps, tea sets and dolls.  I wish I would have asked to take a picture.
  • If you’re over 62, you can buy a National Park Pass for $13 and get into any of our Nat’l Parks for the rest of your LIFE!  What a bargain, right?
  • Papa likes to talk.
  • Utah has the best Nat’l Parks.
  • If you can’t decide you love something within about 2 minutes you ought not to buy it.
  • It’s kind of a bummer to drive an hour back after not buying what you set out to purchase

Well, our drive to the West Valley was a bust as you guessed, but we did have a nice conversation with the folks, and I hope they weren’t too pissed we drove off without the screen in our vehicle.  So that means I gotta regroup on my search, probably reset my expectations as well….whomp, whomp.

On the other hand I did make some progress on my other actions for my One Room Challenge that I will detail in another post, and I also was reminded just how much Papa likes to think things through.  More later……

Thanks for stopping by!