#NSale Finds

Well, has everyone exhausted themselves and their wallets with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?  It took me a little while to warm up to it, and up until this past week I thought I hadn’t really bought much.  I warmed up to this sale with one strong push to the end, though.

My husband’s birthday is Sunday, and I was lucky to score  a few sale items for him.  The surprise will be the backpack he’s been eyeing for awhile.  I couldn’t believe the discount on this buy–under $300, down from $445.  That’s still A LOT, A LOT, but he travels all the time, so his luggage needs to work for him.  Besides the no-iron button up shirts that he really likes, the buckle of the reversible belt rotates (instead of you having to switch the leather around) in one quick movement to either the brown or black leather sides.  It’s nice that he only needs to pack one belt in his suitcase.

Tumi Bravo Backpack
No-Iron dress shirt in White and Blue
Reversible Belt


Now for the good stuff!

I picked up some beauty items this year that I haven’t tried in the past.  So far everything I bought I have really enjoyed so far!

  1.  The lip balm in this set is really creamy without being greasy or too soft.  It’s good to use this before you use the liquid lipstick.  I used to use lip pencils all the time.  Now, I’ll use one when I first put on my make-up, and then just use either a gloss or traditional lipstick throughout the day.  Chloe will have to hold on to these or she might find them in my bag.
  2. I got this lip gloss and lipstick set for myself.  The lipsticks are  really nice pink/brown shades, and just want I always gravitate toward.  I wear the darker of the two glosses just by itself.
  3. Have you ever tried the moisture surge line from Clinique?  For some reason I’ve never been a big user of Clinique, but this product makes me want to try everything the moisture surge line has to offer.  It’s a great deal, too.  The larger pots are 4.2 oz each.  If you purchase this product separately, the largest pot they have is 2.5 oz, and it’s $52.50.
  4. I heard about this this mascara from Mix & Match Mama’s blog (post here).  I am pretty fickle when it comes to mascara (and skincare to some degree), but I think this one is a keeper.  It didn’t clump, the product applied nicely, and it held up pretty well throughout the days that I’ve worn it.  And, it wasn’t a total pain to remove!  I will many times skip mascara (ok, I’ll go days without make-up too) just because I HATE taking it off.  I mean, really can’t stand it.  I’ll buy this one again.


Of course I also bought some clothes, duh.  I saw so many bloggers posting all the great stuff they bought or tried on, and everything looked so cute on all of them….I tried so many of their suggestions, but well, not so much…..Anyone else go through this?  I can’t blame it on my selfie skills.  Anyway, I kept this pair of super comfortable wine jeans, and a pair of high waist leggings.

Articles of Society Sarah Skinnies in Wine

The wine jeans are fairly stretchy, and I ordered one size down based on the reviews.  They look and fit great so far.  I haven’t worn them yet since it’s still over 100 here in Phoenix.  The rough hem is cute too, and I can always roll up the hem if I want.

Zella High Waist Leggings

GET THESE, that’s all.

But then at the last minute, I just couldn’t stop myself from ordering a few more things that I totally don’t need, but have to have.

Booties / Ruffle hem jacket / Ruffle trim jacket

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Have a great weekend!