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One Room Challenge: Week 1–My Maiden Voyage X2

Well, where to begin?!  Not only is this my first One Room Challenge™, but it’s also my very first blog post–ever–and I’m so excited!!  I like to live on the edge a bit (as long as I know exactly what’s going to happen–ha), and thought there would be no better time than the One Room Challenge™. to kick this thing off!  Read more about me in the About Me page since there’s nothing else to see here!

If you’re new to the ORC, it’s a 6 post, 5 weeks-long challenge to completely design, decorate, renovate, or just spruce up, a room in your home.  I have been following Linda’s Weinstein’s One Room Challenge™ for some time, and always find so much inspiration for my home as well as DIY projects.  I also love all the suspense as bloggers sometimes scramble to finish by the deadline!

Now, let’s get to it howboudat??  The room I am going to tackle for my turn is our master bedroom.  It’s a big room with a high, tray ceiling, but has become a kind of dumping ground for all the stuff I don’t have room for in other rooms–you know, mismatched furniture, a rug that fits nowhere else in the house–generally a hodgepodge of this and that.  It’s not terrible, but it ain’t great, either.


The Inspiration:  I love a good mix of everything!  Sometimes that’s not a good thing, but I’m going for a modern take on Traditional and Chinoiserie.  I’m using the below image for inspiration, but it’s more luxe than I’ll likely be able to achieve.  I think that kind of look would take more time than I have, and a lot more $$$$.

Source: Twist Interiors (

Aim high, right?  I’ve found a few vintage screens on craigslist, but none are tall enough to pull off the same effect given my ceiling height, so I’m going to mount it a bit higher on the wall.  We’ll see how this turns out.

Possible screen

Most, if not all of the furniture stays because I’m pretty indecisive about anything I can’t fit in my car, and anything I have to order will likely not meet the deadline.  Plus, let’s be real for just a millisecond–I’m not Miss Moneybags, and I have some other elements in the room that are gonna eat up my budget.  So the bed, bench, dresser, sofa, bedside cabinets and side tables have to stay, but I’m ditching the heck out of the carpet, the blinds, the whole bedding situation, paint color, etc.

Replace painting with large Japanese screen, window treatments
Switch artwork, deal with cord situation and picture frame molding
Add new bedding and pillows, picture frame molding, window treatments, and paint
Secret niche DIY possible (ha)

The Plan:

  • Add architectural interest with picture frame molding (this is a stretch goal given the time)
  • Paint room and trim the same color (not sure whether to go with BM Chantilly lace or go darker to match the color of the screen?  thoughts PLEASE?)
  • Edit the knick knack patty whack, and get some new decor!
  • Install new, patterned carpet or hardwood with new rug–depends on the budget and time
  • Add new pillows on sofa
  • New bedding and pillows
  • Add new, lined draperies (I’m making these myself with some handy tricks to come)
  • Hunt for some new shades for the windows–possibly bamboo.
  • Redo the gallery wall around the TV, and deal with the cord situation.
  • DIY surprise in the niche.  It’ll be a surprise to all of us.
  • Paint ceiling?
  • Trade the ceiling fan for chandelier?  Not sure about that yet because it’s Arizona, people.
  • I gotta up the photography game but let’s just take one step at a time, shall we?

Ok, that is a big list!  Holy cow, these next few weeks ain’t gonna be pretty, or happy for the rest of the family.  It’s a good thing I married a saint (did I tell you my mother lives with us?)  Just kidding, everyone really gets along.

I so hope you’ll follow along with me on my truly maiden voyage.  I am really happy you’ve found your way here and hope you come back!

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