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One Room Challenge–Week 3

Welcome Back!!   We’re already halfway through the One Room Challenge™, the brainchild of Linda from Calling it Home, wherein bloggers redo, renew, refresh an entire room in just about 5 weeks.  I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed.  I also can’t believe how indecisive I am.

I’m tackling my master bedroom, and click here to review my Week 1  and Week 2 ‘before’ images and project list and plans.


I did make a couple of important decisions this week, so that’s good.  Unfortunately that meant a delay in most of the installations.  Last week I was pondering which of the 2 carpet options to choose.  Since then I talked to the man who installed the wood flooring in other parts of our home and we’ve decided to go that route instead.  It’s what I really wanted in the first place, and walking barefoot on my existing carpet kinda heebed me out.  We aren’t the type to take our shoes off–just isn’t going to happen. So I figured it was worth the extra expense in the long run to add more value to the house, and no need to worry about dirtying the carpet.  Well the bad news is that they have to order the flooring, and well, it’s not gonna get installed in time. I’ll update the space again once that’s been installed, but I feel like it’s more important to end up with the room I want than it is to meet a self-imposed deadline.

I’m going with an unfinished 3″ white oak that will be sanded and sealed to a natural finish.  I like that the finish is super hard.  Any scratches that do occur are barely noticeable since the wood is so light.

Casual Collection Solid Hardwood Flooring, Weekend Cottage, Sample beach-style-hardwood-flooring

The floor will have a totally smooth profile and it’s the exact color of my dog Bunny, so no constant sweeping up dog hair.  #Winning

So, the other major thing I did was get started on the panel moulding.  Below is the plan I drew in SketchUp.  The moulding is shown in pink, but will be the same as wall color.


I’m using a pretty thick moulding for this treatment (2.5″ wide) since I’m not installing a box above and below a chair rail.  Plus the ceiling is 12′, so I wanted something kind of beefy.  I’ll do a crown moulding later, maybe.  I want to see how I like the room with just the panel moulding.I was kind of surprised there aren’t standard names for these profiles.  Seems like every manufacturer calls this one something different–usually by a number.  Anyway, this is going in last -minute too!!

Bunny also lent me a hand / butt in lining up some fabric for drapery.  She’s good like that.

At this point, I feel like it just ain’t gonna happen by the deadline. My better half is traveling until the 9th, and I kinda need some moral support and cheap labor.  BUT, in the end  I’ll get what I want, and it’s a big lesson learned for the future–don’t decide to start a blog and figure out wordpress while at the same time conjuring up a design plan for a room to be done in 6 weeks.

Stay tuned, I’m GONNA keep updating after the deadline, and thanks for checking in!

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